Building an Entrepreneurial Mindset in the


It is He who has made the earth manageable for you, so traverse its regions and eat from His provision. And to Him is the resurrection.
Quran 67:15

Our Mission

Promote An Entrepreneurial Mindset
Our mission is to support, educate, and incubate budding and principled entrepreneurs via our five foundational pillars: education, mentorship, networking, incubation, and investment.

Our Vision

Enable Socially-Responsible Entrepreneurs
We believe the entrepreneurial dream is achievable by anyone, regardless of background. The very best aspects of entrepreneurship will be fostered, combining financial sustainability with a responsibility to do good and serve humanity.

Long Term Goal

Build A Robust Ecosystem
We are building a community of successful entrepreneurs, mentors, and impact investors that will help engender and maintain a strong and vibrant community well into the future.

Our 5 Pillars


Educating the community about the entrepreneurial mindset through roundtable discussions, masterclasses, and curated media.


Bringing diverse stakeholders together to build a thriving ecosystem.


Providing a vehicle for vetted and ethical ventures for both investors and entrepreneurs.


Inspiring the next generation of entrepreneurs by highlighting and providing access to relevant role models and success stories.


Supporting founders with connections, content, and capital to launch and scale their business.

A chat with Muslim entrepreneurs

Our Latest Events

Fireside chat

October 21st, 2022
IAGD, Rochester Hills, MI


Mahmoud “Moody” Mattan

Founder of BrandXR and Powis VR

Hamzah Naseer

Founder of Haraz Coffee House

Fireside Chat

December 2nd, 2022
The Social Loft, Hamtramck, MI


Khalipha Kane,

Khalipha’s Mobile Kitchen

The Mahdi Sisters

Founders of The Social Loft

Our Partners

We are honored to work with our partners to accomplish our vision.

5PIE’s Industry


For all our aspiring and established entrepreneurs in North America, we offer a free mentoring service dedicated to your success. Our experienced mentors provide support by sharing their wisdom, guiding you through best practices on a topic of your interest. By understanding and respecting diverse backgrounds and values, our mentors aim to offer guidance that’s both universally relevant and culturally sensitive.

5PIE is run by volunteers.  We will love you to join us to support our mission with your skill and expertise.


Our Latest Newsletters

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Fireside Chat at IAGD

Fireside Chat at IAGD

5PIE hosted this fireside chat at Islamic Association of Greater Detroit, Rochester Hills, MI. Fireside chats are informal yet focused…
Fireside Chat at MAC

Fireside Chat at MAC

5PIE hosted this fireside chat at MAC, close to MCWS in Canton, MI. Fireside chats are informal yet focused conversation,…
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